The fairest game in golf...
A Golf Dogfight or Points Game is often described as the fairest game in golf. This is because it allows players of all skill levels to compete in regular tournaments.  more...
What is GolfDogFight?
GolfDogFight is a web-based application that allows Clubs, Individuals, Pro Shops, and Golf Facilities to more effectively manage their weekly points game.  more...
What others are saying...
"We have a group that has grown from 12 to 149. GolfDogFight has removed all the headaches of managing the game.".  see more...
Spend less time tracking players and calculating scores, and spend more time enjoying your golf game. GolfDogFight takes all the frustration out of managing your points game.

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The fairest game in golf...
In a golf dogfight or points game, each member in the points game group is assigned a quota. A quota is a number based on a player's past performance (for example: the average of a player's last ten round's point totals). In a points game, instead of competing by stroke play (fewest strokes wins), players are awarded points for each hole. The object of a points game is to beat your quota. If your quota is 20 and your point total for a round is 24, you are a +4 for the round. The player with the highest Plus/Minus for the round is the winner. Competition is fair because the better you score, the higher your quota, and the more difficult it is to beat the next time - the worse you score, the lower your quota, and the easier it is to beat the next time.

Sounds complicated? Don't worry. GolfDogFight removes the hassle from managing the group so you can have fun playing golf with your friends!
What is GolfDogFight?
GolfDogFight provides the tools you need to track player information, calculate accurate quotas, schedule rounds, enter scores, and keep players informed of their statistics, upcoming rounds, and other group news. What's more, we provide a virtual scorecard where you can track the score and other vital information for every round of golf you play, whether it's a group game or not.

There is no software to download and maintain, and you can try it free starting today. Our exclusive application will save you and your members time, and eliminate the aggravation associated with managing a points game group. With GolfDogFight you and your weekly points game participants can spend less time worrying about managing the group, and spend more time enjoying the golf!
What others are saying...
"GolfDogFight gives us the tools needed to manage over 110 events each season with minimal time requirements from the administrators."

"GolfDogfight allows me to communicate to the entire group simultaneously and in real time. It also provides the ability to track our individual progress and track our performance against other golfers and our own goals each season."

"We have a dogfight once a week. GolfDogFight took the hassle out of signing up to play. With one click I can check tee times and see my buddies that are going to play."
Frequently Asked Questions
What is GolfDogFight?
GolfDogFight is a web-based application that allows Clubs, Individuals, Pro Shops, and Golf Facilities to more effectively manage their weekly points game.
Why should I use GolfDogFight?
GolfDogFight takes the headache out of managing a points game by making it easier to communicate between your members and the pro shop, and automatically doing the tedious points and quota calculations for you.
Do you offer a free trial of GolfDogFight?
Yes. Try GolfDogFight free for thirty days. No credit card is required.
Do I have to install any software?
No. GolfDogfight is a fully web-based application that allows for one or more coordinators to efficiently manage your points game.
How much does GolfDogFight cost?
GolfDogFight is free to try for thirty days. After that, each member must purchase an annual subscription for $10.00 USD.
GolfDogFight used to be free. What happened?
Because of the time and resources required to develop and maintain GolfDogFight, we are no longer able to offer it free of charge. After much debate, we believe we have reached a pricing structure that is both fair and inexpensive. With the release of GolfDogFight 2.0, each new and existing club will be offered a 30-day trial period, after which the purchase of an annual subscription will be required for each member of your club. We believe this pricing structure is fair because clubs with a smaller number of members are not paying near or the same as clubs with a larger membership. We believe the subscription amount is inexpensive because the cost breaks down to less than a dollar a month for each member. We hope you understand the need for this change, and consider it a bargain for the convenience and accuracy provided by GolfDogFight.
I've never run a golf points game before. What do I do?
GolfDogFight is here to help! Visit our Getting Started guide for useful information on getting things up and running. If you still need more help, we'll be glad to assist you. Just visit our Support Site and submit a support request. One of our representatives will contact you shortly.
What quota calculation method does GolfDogFight use?
GolfDogFight offers a variety of ways to calculate your members' quotas, and accommodates almost any type of points calculation system. Visit our Getting Started guide for useful information on selecting a quota calculation method.
Is there a limit to the number of members or rounds I can track?
No. GolfDogFight allows for an unlimited number of members participating in an unlimited number of rounds.
Is my members' information safe?
Yes! GolfDogFight uses SSL to secure communication over the internet. We also store your data using up-to-date software and hardware, and perform nightly backups in the unlikely event of a hardware crash.
Select your quota calculation method

When setting up your account, select the quota calculation that works best for your group. You can also change the quota calculation method at any time.

The Average of a member's previous rounds option allows you to base a member's quota on the average of any number of past rounds.

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