What is GolfDogFight?

The fairest game in golf

Posted 45 minutes ago

In a golf dogfight or points game, each member in the points game group is assigned a quota. A quota is a number based on a player's past performance (for example: the average of a player's last ten round's point totals). In a points game, instead of competing by stroke play (fewest strokes wins), players are awarded points for each hole. The object of a points game is to beat your quota. If your quota is 20 and your point total for a round is 24, you are a +4 for the round. The player with the highest Plus/Minus for the round is the winner. Competition is fair because the better you score, the higher your quota, and the more difficult it is to beat the next time - the worse you score, the lower your quota, and the easier it is to beat the next time.

Sound complicated? Don't worry. GolfDogFight removes all the hassle from managing every aspect of a points game group so you can focus on the game of golf and not the management of the group!

What can GolfDogFight do?

Posted 45 minutes ago

GolfDogFight provides the tools you need to track player information, calculate accurate quotas, schedule a variety of individual and team round types, allow players to sign up through text or e-mail, enter scores, and stay informed of their statistics, upcoming rounds, and other group news. Use our mobile application to enter points, scores, and skins on the course or in the clubhouse. Cast our real time scrolling scoreboard to your clubhouse "big screen" to keep up with scores in real time on the "19th hole."

Club professionals can use GolfDogFight's tools to promote events and drive business to the pro shop.

There is no software to download and maintain, and you can try it free starting today. GolfDogFight will save you and your members time, and make each round an enjoyable social event.

Key Features

Manage your members

Manage all your members in one convenient location. You can quickly and easily communicate with any of your members via e-mail or text message. Keep them up-to-date on the latest group news or last minute changes or cancellations.

Manage your rounds

Manage an unlimited number of your group's rounds. Get quick access to the number of players participating and not participating for accurate totals to give the pro shop. And allow players to sign-up for a round by e-mail and text.

Choose your round format

Enter important information about each round. Add times and notes about each round to provide instructions to the players. Select the format of each round, choosing from a variety of both individual and team formats.

Calculate Quotas

Choose from multiple methods of calculating member quotas. Select the method that fits your group, and GolfDogFight will "do the math" for you.

Member Dashboard

The member portal displays a wealth of group info: Upcoming rounds, past round results, group leader boards, a group message board, and much more.

Go Mobile!

GolfDogFight's fully responsive mobile site allows your members to easily enter scores and points on a mobile phone or tablet, view scores in real time, and more.